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Inside an /r/Bitcoin thread, a user just stumbled onto the path to enlightenment. Come witness the sublimity of awakening.

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Next level shilling with BTCPROMO. Buttcoiners getting scammed as usual.

Hi guys (from throwaway),
We all know shillin' is where it's at: we get paid fairly well for it! But it seems we're facing a new competitor who's paying better than that cheapskate killhamster.
A businessmodel
Time to setup our brand new company! We'll start selling BTC for PayPal-bucks. We offer a premium of about 5% on the Bitstamp price while also offering the lowest fee ($1.50). We also offer bonuses of 5% when trading (so much free cash). In order to appear legit we buy some obvious Twitter follow bots.
The competition
There's no better way to get your scam some publicity by having a public competition. Of course we aim for free promotion, so we just let ourselves win! Amongst the winners are our Reddit shill frankokill and our Bitcointalk shill who won the main prize of 0.5BTC: joeventyra.
Time to ask ourselves some questions
What do Kittzzy22, dailygod, regtheTech and googfee have in common? Oh they just make a Reddit account to ask a question about the best bitcoin service ever.
The first rule of shilling is to provide solid info. That's what ns12123, solosman2, screenprev and lookingMoney are here for! So friendly!
Balkans are in trouble, lets capitalize on this!
Nr#1 BTCPROMO shill ns12123 also ran the Balkan fundraiser. Positive reenforcement from other shill hecktotheNeck
We got called out! SHIT!
psuedoturtle became a victim. He calls the number on the website, which of course doesn't end well. BTCPromo made a final offer: delete all your posts accusing us of scammin' and we give you your money back. Of course, not on PayPal.
This is still going on, e.g. just now on a post discussing Cryptsy's downtime. And yesterday. They got much more accounts than listed here, mods can figure that out themselves.
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Bitcoin Koans

A reddit user asked Bruce Fenton: "Without speaking, without silence, how can you express the truth?"
Fenton observed: "I always remember the block-chain. All is recorded within."
The users of /BitcoinMarkets used to study TA before Paco Ahlgren posted on reddit. Four of them who were intimate friends promised one another to observe seven days of pure math.
On the first day all were silent. Their analysis had begun auspiciously, but when night came and the markets were rising quickly, one of the users could not help commenting: "TO DA MOON."
The second user was surprised to see the first one comment in English. "We are not supposed to write a word," he remarked.
"You two are stupid. Why did you comment?" asked the third.
"I am the only one who has used pure math," posted the fourth user.
killhamster went to /dogecoin where a bot had started a giveaway and asked it: "What is, is what?"
The bot tipped him 98 dogecoin.
killhamster replied: "Cryptos cannot prosper when the price is too low." And he left.
A few days later killhamster went again to visit the bot and asked the same question.
The bot answered the same way.
killhamster said: "Well given, well taken, well tipped, to the moon!' And he tipped the bot back.
1point618's Comment: The tipped doge was the same both times. Why is it killhamster did not admit the first and approved the second one? Where is the fault?
Whoever answers this knows that killhamster's tongue has no bone so he can use it freely. Yet perhaps killhamster is wrong. Or, through that bot, he may have discovered his mistake.
If anyone thinks that the one's insight exceeds the other's, he has no eyes.
Two users were arguing about the LTC/BTC exchange rate. One said: "Bitcoin is moving by gaining value."
The other said: "Litecoin is moving by losing value."
TulipCoins happened to be passing by. He told them: "Not Bitcoin, not Litecoin; mind is moving."
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$100k Bitcoin price by 2025 - YouTube Bitcoin Price Surges As Other Cryptos Gets Crushed! Is Alt Season Coming Soon? Sans limites TV - YouTube BITCOIN PRICE ***what is happening in the crypto space ... r/Comedycemetery  bro,.. that's MAD funny - YouTube

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$100k Bitcoin price by 2025 - YouTube

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